dog cancer, animal health and skin problems


dog cancer, animal health and skin problems

More than immune boosting

Immunovet is more than an immune boosting daily supplement for animals.


It is also a product of the modern biotechnology. Part of the raw materials that is used to produce Immunovet is wheat germ. Wheat germ contains most of the bioactive molecules in the whole wheat.


During the fermentation process, a highly vaulable material is being produced, which is extracted to form the main ingredient of Immunovet.


















Keys to the effectiveness



Today's market standards are getting higher and higher. While expecting good manufacturing practice, the customer also respects the animals' welfare and favors environment-friendly techniques. Farmers need to meet the customer's requirements to produce high-quality, fresh and safe foodstuffs for a reasonable price.

Immunovet is a remarkably effective plant-derived feed material. Immunovet supports the gastro-intestinal tract in a natural way, protects the intestinal villi and stabilizes the gut’s microflora.



Immunovet is a pure, all natural product. All the active ingredients are 100% natural, and no artificial additives are used in the manufacturing process. Immunovet supports the healthy diet of your livestock without leaving any residues in the animal’s body.



Immunovet has a typical fingerprint chromatogram examined by high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) which is suitable for its identification.

Moreover the product is standardized on 2,6-dimethoxy-p-benzoquinone, which is traceable with analytical methods.



The manufacturing plant runs under an HACCP system and it is ISO 9001:2008 and GMP certified.

Raw materials and the whole manufacturing process are under a strict quality control, the used yeast strain originates from the strain collection of the Paris Pasteur Institute. Thanks to the strict quality assurance the manufacturer guarantees that every batch is standard and effective, meet the relevant purity requirements.



According to the toxicological studies Immunovet is considered as non-toxic even in extreme overdosing (2500 mg/kg of bodyweight), and does not disturb the physiological balance of the animals. Immunovet is mixable with other feed additives. 



Immunovet has an optimal particle size distribution which makes the mixing dust free.

Based on and several test results Immunovet has good heat and pressure stability, can be combined with feedstuffs.

Expanding, extruding or pelleting does not influence the effectiveness of Immunovet. Immunovet remained stable within normal storage conditions for two years even if stored after being mixed to farm minerals.